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The gauge of any shotgun is determined by the inside bore diameter of the barrel. The largest gauge allowed in modern hunting is the 10 gauge. However, the 12 gauge has attained the greatest popularity of all gauges, because of its versatility.

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Protected Areas

Protected Areas are defined as surfaces of Land or Sea protected by virtue of Laws or Decrees. There are several types of protected areas: Public, private or those described as Natural Heritage Sites. Every protected area has its own set of rules and regulations.

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Trap & Skeet

Trapshooting was first mentioned in 1793 in an old English magazine, "Sporting Magazine." For many years, in Europe and America, live birds were used as targets, being released from under top hats by jerking the hats off with a string.

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As predicted, the migration period was not so great. We are experiencing a vast drop in the numbers of Birds, Raptors, and waterfowl. The woodcock will very shortly become extinct. And no action is being taken by Big Organizations in the field to remedy this situation. It is unfortunate that these big pressure groups are not taking any action, except for distorting the Truth in order to gain more support. Nothing is being said about the massacre of Wildlife in Eastern Europe, where You can shoot a gogo. What is the West doing? Nothing. Nobody is able to put an End to the mass airplane systemic pesticides ad insecticides taking place in Turkey. Our Southern border is being well looked after with Bird Banding is going on most of the time. Last week a banded Crane was caught in South Lebanon. A healthy sign coming from the Holy Country. This is the example to follow, if we dream of a healthy environment, before it is too late. Promoting sustainable organic Agriculture might be one major solution to this dilemna. Good luck with all joined hands putting an End to the present situation and coming up with tangible results in the very near Future.One immediate measure can be taken and that is the import of large quantities of birds, using the well known bait: Alpha Chloralose. The latter, if used at low doses  acts like an An anesthetic.They will wake up here and adapt very  quickly to their endemic instintcs. These measures, if approved, will re balance the Eco Systems, thus preventing further Extinctions.


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  • › Make sure your muzzle is pointed in a safe direction
  • › Unload your firearms when they are not in use
  • › Don't depend on your guns safety
  • › Make sure of your target and its surroundings
  • › Use the correct ammunition