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Sustainable Hunting, Environmental Conservation
Greetings to all hunters. We are in the beginning of the hunting season. I hope every one of you is aware of the risks and pleasure in practicing this healthy sport.

However, safety, plays a very important role whilst in the field. Last week, one of the most experienced hunters in Lebanon was killed by his fellow hunter by mistake whilst hunting wild boars. Accidents happen with every hunter.

But always keep in mind whilst planning a hunting trip, the risks involved. With the modern weapons it is no joke. You can get a clean kill on deer, elk, moose.... but you can, unfortunately have a clean one too or one of your group. So, we, at hunterspro want to emphasize on this aspect for the time being. Game is plenty and the joy of hunting is not to kill, but to have a pleasant outing in Nature.

Wether we shoot a trophy or not is not of relevance to us. We are a team of lucky hunters that have not been shot accidentally yet, but we are always on the watch out. So our advice to you is, please be extra careful. This message is all and foremost designed for the youth. So, please be careful and enjoy a very pleasant hunting season. A word of praise goes to those hunters who are switching to bow hunting instead.

We are also affiliates with Orvis and Cabela`s, one of the biggest and reputable hunting and fishing stores in the US. Just click on their banners and buy online and you will have your stuff delivered to your door steps. We get a small commission, without altering the price. This would be most appreciated, as it is an indirect donation.

Have a successful hunting season, and do not forget to help us going with a small donation.

Hunterspro Team

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Professional and aspiring hunters need a gun safe for proper storage and security of their guns.  Hunters planning to buy gun safe are usually looking for quality and affordability. Finding a good gun safe with a reasonable price can be very difficult, however. To help out, we've listed the top 5 gun safes for hunting weapons, and they're all under $1000:

Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe

The best thing about this gun safe is its certified fire protection of 1550°F feature, which is better than any other brand in this price range. Its average capacity is 12 – 16 long guns with a maximum of 20 guns, as per the manufacturer's guide. Weighing 425 pounds, this safe has a size of 18”x28”x59”.  The manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty for fire and burglary and 1 year warranty for repairs against manufacturer defects.

Barska Large Biometric Safe

This safe has biometric dial technology which enables hunters to open the safe quickly and safely with one scan of their finger. It also features a removable rack for storage spacing and has a limited 1 year warranty. The safe weighs 114 pounds and has a size of 57”x14”x14”.

Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun safe

The safe has a fire resistance feature which allows it to survive a maximum temperature of 1550°F for 45 minutes. Its average capacity is 8 to 10 long guns with the maximum of 16 guns, as per the manufacturer's advice. The safe weighs at 350 pounds and has a size of 59”x22”x16”. The manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty for fire and burglary and 1 year warranty in repairs against defects.

Blue Dot Safe Gun Safe

The most noticeable feature of this safe is its fire protection system. It can withstand the temperature of up to 1700°F. It has a maximum capacity of 30 rifles and has a 1 – year factory warranty. This 650-pounder safe has a two way locking system and a drill resistant plate.

Mesa Safe Gun Safe

This safe can survive of up to 1750°F of temperature for one hour. It can also withstand 2-story drop collision without opening. It comes with a lifetime warranty and has a capacity of 14 rifles.

This list will help hunters choose the right safe for their guns. Spending money should not be an issue as the protection and safety of you and the people you care about is your priority.

What to Know When Hunting in Germany

One of the most prominent sports in Germany is hunting. With over 300,000 square kilometres of hunting area, the German Government is implementing strict legislative rules and guidelines to protect the environment and wildlife. For one, the authorities require hunters to secure hunting permits and licenses before they can shoot in any hunting ground.

There is about 300,000 square kilometres of hunting area in Germany. Among the 90 million population of the country, 350,000 are hunters. If you are planning to hunt in Germany as well, you should acquaint yourself with the most basic terms. Here are other important things you should learn.

Forest Master

All hunting area in the German country side is controlled by the local Forest Master. The Forest Master controls hunting and promotes the conservation of the wildlife. He leases the hunting right to a game tenant called the Revier Owner.

Revier Owner

If you are an owner of a hunting ground, you need to apply to become a Revier Owner. The Revier Owner has the right to hunt in his property but is expected to control the wildlife population in the area. The property owner of the hunting area can ask for compensation to the German government for any damage crops done by the wild animals.

Revier owners are advised to mow their laws so that people can quickly identify it as an area beyond the hunting area. Mowing also sustains grassland and fields as it cools the grass in the summer and triggers the growth of seasoned flowers and grasses that bring wildlife food. To cover such a spance, most invest in the best zero turn mower available on the market.

The Hochsitz

One way for the Revier owner to monitor and sustain wild life is by making the Hochsitz. The Hochsitz or high seat is the German's version of the hunting blinds. It is the most visible structure anyone can find on the countryside. These wooden structures are usually found in the farmer's fields and other hunting areas.

Hunting blinds plays an important part in any hunting experience. They can serve as the hunter's cover and protection from their prey and the weather. Since they provide elevation, the blinds also give the hunter a good position for practicing his sniper skills. Ultimately they give a better vantage view.

These are just few information regarding hunting in Germany. We hope it will be useful to those who are planning to gain a hunting experience in the country.

How to Clean a Hunting Weapon?

All hunters know the importance of cleaning their hunting weapons. Cleaning them is the best way to ensure safety and maintain their effectiveness. There are different types of hunting weapons, but the rules of cleaning all of them are all the same. Once you are an expert in this task, you can even do it at the comfort of your own luxury recliner.

To clean your hunting rifle, you need gun oil, gun solvent, a cleaning rod, a bore brush, a cleaning loop, and a clean rag. You should do the job in a well-ventilated area as solvents releases fumes that can potentially harm anyone overtime. Below is a step-by-step guide of cleaning your hunting rifle:

Checking and unloading the rifle from ammunition

Before doing anything, point the rifle towards a safe direction. Then, carefully check and remove any ammunition that is feeding the chamber. Make sure you don't leave even a single one behind.

Stripping the gun

There are different ways to strip a gun. Ultimately, it will depend on the kind of gun that you have. It is best that you consult a professional who is familiar with your hunting gun before you do this step.

Cleaning the bore using the rag

Using the rag soaked with solvent, clean the bore. Wipe the rod and the loop as well. Make sure that no grime and dust remains.

Cleaning the bore by brushing

Get a brush especially used for rifle cleaning. Soak it in the cleaning solvent. Go over the bore a few times. The brush helps remove lead, brass, and powder residue without damaging your rifle.

Removing excess dirt

After brushing, used another rag soaked in solvent to clean all the dirt and residue that has been pulled out. Then, use the brush to remove dirt from the gun's action and receiver. Finally, wipe them with a rag again.

Conditioning the hunting rifle

To avoid moisture build-up and gun rust, put a small amount of oil on a piece of cloth and wipe it across your gun. Make sure you apply it on the rifle's bore, action, receiver and outer barrel.

Sustainable Hunting, Environmental Conservation Sustainable Hunting, Environmental Conservation

Sustainable Hunting, Environmental Conservation Sustainable Hunting, Environmental Conservation

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